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October 12, 2016
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The Shoe Doesn’t Fit!


I read the Cinderella story so many times while growing up. As an adult, I have also watched the movie a few times, told by different scriptwriters. I know the general moral of the story; patience is a virtue and if you wait long enough and are patient, you will get your heart desires just like Cinderella. However, something happened the last time I watched this movie yet again. The prince was searching for his “mystery princess” and went all out in his search. Every young woman in the town tried the shoes but it just didn’t fit. And then it struck me “this is you Raquel; always trying to fit into shoes you have no business wearing”.

I was shocked. Oh my God! I screamed out to my friend “This is so me, and I repent.”

Let me backtrack a bit to the very reason my friend and I were together: you know those moments where you feel like your world is falling apart and you just need to speak with someone or you would literally pull your hair out of your head? Yeah, I was having it in massive proportions. I chose to call this very person because she usually is brutal and honest with me and she’s one of those friends who can and does stab me with the ‘dagger of truth’ from time to time. Yes friend, hearing the truth can sometimes feel like you’re being stabbed. And yes, you do need friends like that. We had spent a large part of the night somewhere talking, praying and just enjoying God’s presence. We left refreshed!

On our way, I kept going back to the Cinderella story. I knew it was God warning me about some very crazy decision I was about to make. At that time, there was someone in my life who clearly wasn’t God’s choice for me. “But he’s smart, God fearing and handsome” , I told myself.  “He is almost the exact person I’ve been waiting for but only off by a few things.” I went on. With a sad face, I said yet again “If I can just scrunch in my toes I can make it work.”  Honestly, trying to continue with someone you KNOW isn’t right for you is like stuffing your foot into shoes that don’t fit. It may even look good but it’s painful with every step.

My heart went back to the scene where the king’s servants were going round the city, house to house in search of the “mystery woman”. Every woman wanted to “fit” into the shoes, even the ones who clearly had big feet tried to force in the shoes. And this is as real as it gets: Too many of us try to force our feet into shoes that aren’t meant for us. Like the young women in that town; they all knew the shoe wasn’t theirs but they still wanted to try. I am guilty of this too, I sometimes chase every wind that blows my way but I decided right then to stop trying shoes I know clearly are not a fit for me.

I remember a particular nude colour shoe I loved so much but was too tight. A lot of times, I wore it to events and would return with aching feet and hurting heels. After all the unnecessary pain, I told myself the truth; the shoe had to go and so I gave it out. Connecting these two stories made it very easy for me because, after salvation, the most important decision we will ever make as a Christians will be the people we choose to marry. Our God is not an author of confusion, if you have a decision such as this to make, then speak to Him and He will show you want it is He wants you to do. And unlike the Cinderella story, the rest of us are not the wicked step sisters or ‘unlucky’ because a certain shoe doesn’t fit us, no, we are all valuable, cherished and oh so loved by a God who has each and every one of our names etched in his palm and our faces tattooed on his heart. So, the next time you try to force your foot into a shoe that you know in your bones isn’t your fit? Remember that God’s whispering in your ears: ‘That shoe’s not befitting of you.’


  1. lydia says:

    It’s no use forcing it. I tried to once but it just no ise. Thanks for the insight. God’s WILL will be done.

  2. This means a lot to me. Spoke to me in my deepest depths. Thanks so much Raquel

  3. Kemi says:

    Great piece! Thumbs up

  4. Melody says:

    This is so timely,God bless you

  5. Patricia says:

    Hmmmm… Thanks for sharing dear. It came right on time. More grace.

  6. JenJen says:

    I needed this, thank you Raquel!

  7. Tony Joy says:

    Just at at the right time with the right words! Thank you Raquel. So much love.

  8. olamidefelucia says:

    This is just for me. OMG

  9. Amaka Anne says:

    So true, God will beautify all in time we need not force it.. If the shoes don’t fit, leave them behind and keep dancing barefoot till he sends your glass slippers!


  10. Obi Evans says:

    Am a guy that loves reading your post, thanks for the insight you gave.

  11. Perpetaul says:

    Raquel you really are speaking my mind, I chase every wind that blow to my direction even when I know it doesn’t fit I still will want to Forse it in. Thanks for this write up

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