Why me?

Everyone goes through difficult times and has baggage to deal with but when push comes to shove, when the rubber meets the road, when the chips are down, do we scream “why me?’. Let’s make one thing clear. Life is a continuous succession of both small and large problems. They never end. No sooner do Read More

The Bridge

I thought critically about it before running away from home. Even though I was just 16years old and didn’t fully understand what running away might do to me, I still chose to leave. I went to from being a ‘daddy’s girl’ to a “no daddy girl’ in less than 24hours. My whole life was on Read More

Dear Raquel

Dear Raquel, its a new month and I decided to write you a note. You have been inconsistent with a lot lot things and honestly, you need to sit and evaluate everything going on in your life.   If you say you’re going to do something, DO IT! If you say you’re going to be Read More

The Shoe Doesn’t Fit!

PUT . THE . SHOE . DOWN I read the Cinderella story so many times while growing up. As an adult, I have also watched the movie a few times, told by different scriptwriters. I know the general moral of the story; patience is a virtue and if you wait long enough and are patient, Read More

The Struggle is Real!

  You know about purity rings, right? They are typically worn by adults to represent their commitment to remain sexually pure by not having sex until marriage. Purity rings were really big when I was a teenage girl, but I never got one because I felt that the decision to remain pure or not was Read More

His timing is PERFECT.

I know what you are thinking; there’s so much going on and right now you feel left out. You feel like your life is delayed and others are moving fast towards their 2016 goals. It’s already the 23rd day of the fourth month and nothing spectacular seem to be happening. You recently had a bad Read More

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