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Using what I have to get what I want

Amaka, can you please give me 200 Naira? I asked. She looked at me with a familiar face. A face that says “I don’t think I want to sleep with men to feed myself, only to feed you too”. Amaka was the same girl that told me to “use what I have to get what Read More

Embracing My Struggles

The Raquel Jacobs Story                                              -An orphan bringing hope to Africa’s young generation Like a phoenix, Raquel Jacobs is rising from the ashes of adversity and inspiring others to do so through her story. Read More

Where’s the chicken?

Everyone was excited about Christmas but us. My mum hadn’t said a word about traveling, food, clothes, decoration or even whom we would be visiting. I knew what everyone was thinking but no one wanted to be the first to ask. December 24th finally came and my mum still hadn’t purchased anything to cook. That Read More

He kept me safe!

I know what it’s like to hurt so much you’re not sure you can stand it any longer. And there have been times when I didn’t understand how God could allow me to go through some of the things I’ve been through. I left home at 16 and lived under a bridge with prostitutes, and Read More

“Gone to be with the Lord”

 For two days, I tried to explain what “gone to be with the Lord” meant to my 12 year old brother. It was the 28th of December 2002, families were celebrating, children were having lots of fun but our Christmas tree was taken down. There was no Christmas light in front of the door anymore Read More

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