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God Loves You

A lot of people around the world feel unloved. This feeling of being unappreciated not cherished, and not valued is something that nobody wants, yet many of us feel it at times. I know this because I was there once. A place where everything is falling apart and you’re certain God loves everyone but you. Read More

Christian, Single Woman and Content!

ASK iRAQUEL. _______________________ Question: Is it possible to be a single, Christian woman and be content? Response: Yes, it’s possible. I can imagine you’re reading this and rolling your eyes. Wait a minute, I’ll explain. My life is a living testimony. Honestly, I’ve not always been like this and it is not because I don’t Read More

Hello Younger Me

Hello younger me, I know you’re not very good at taking advice from those older than you, but I think that an exception should be made. I’m future you and you need advice, so take it. Turning 18 for you is not so pleasant and I completely get it. No one wants to turn 18 Read More

His timing is PERFECT.

I know what you are thinking; there’s so much going on and right now you feel left out. You feel like your life is delayed and others are moving fast towards their 2016 goals. It’s already the 23rd day of the fourth month and nothing spectacular seem to be happening. You recently had a bad Read More

Pictures from DigiUP Workshop 1.0

Read More

The Frontlines of my life

I was never suicidal. In fact, when I watch movies and see people commit suicide, I wonder what makes some people take their lives in real life. Exactly one year ago, I was in a bus heading home from an event I went to speak at and was at the bus stop for over an Read More

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